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Read the Scriptures is the ultimate scheduled reading program that keeps you focused and on track with your daily reading, and now it provides the same unique, key features in a mobile app. Read the Scriptures provides daily spiritual strength to thousands of individuals every day. With Read the Scriptures, you can find comfort in knowing your daily scripture reading goals are being completed, and you will never feel guilty again for missing a day of scripture study! As you receive and complete your daily scripture reading segment, you’ll be continually motivated and inspired!

Use this FREE app as part of your Read the Scriptures subscription membership to create multiple basic or customized reading schedules and receive a daily notification for your reading right on your mobile device! Have your daily reading, notes, highlights and favorites synchronized and instantly available on both your desktop and your device. Use the Read the Scriptures app on its own, or integrate it with your existing online account.

If you are not already a Read the Scriptures member, Sign Up for Read the Scriptures and start enjoying immediately on your mobile device. No other program offers the same unique scheduling capabilities as Read the Scriptures!

What are some of the benefits?

  • Includes reading schedules for all LDS Standard Works, Seminary reading, and Sunday School reading assignments
  • Create personalized, custom reading schedules
  • Receive daily reading reminders or notifications
  • Automatically synchronizes with your online account using WiFi, 3G, 4G or LTE
  • Listen along with audio

Now you have the tools to schedule, read, study, and mark your scriptures anytime, anywhere you go!

Delight in the blessings of daily scripture study, with Read the Scriptures.

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(An Android app is scheduled for development soon.)

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