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Read the Scriptures is the ultimate reading program that helps you to stay focused and on track with your daily scripture reading. We appreciate your devotion and support!

The App is Almost Here!

The new iPhone and iPad app for Read the Scriptures is in its final development and review stage! It has taken a little longer than anticipated, but we're excited about the advantages it's going to provide! This app will be available for FREE, and will be completely synchronized with your online Read the Scriptures subscription account. We've appreciated your patience while we've been creating this amazing, mobile convenience! (An Android app is scheduled soon for development.) These pictures demonstrate a preview of the app you will soon be using!

RtS App Preview

Book of Mormon

239 Days to read 239 Chapters

Ok, so if you want to read the Book of Mormon before this year is over, it's time to start now! Use our Chapter-a-Day Book of Mormon schedule and start on May 7. That'll give you 239 days to read one chapter each day and finish exactly at the end of 2014.

Don't delay! The daily reminders will help you stay on track, and you'll feel joy in your accomplishment!

Please join us in participating in this challenge!

Read the May 2014 Ensign

The May 2014 General Conference edition of the Ensign is now available as a reading selection. Create your May Ensign schedule to enjoy the convenience of having one article available to read every day!

Use Read the Scriptures for the blessings of daily scripture study!

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Help others with their Scripture Reading!

Tell your friends about the Read the Scriptures 15-day Free Trial option for new subscribers! This offers you the benefits and comfort in knowing your daily scripture reading goals are being completed before starting your subscription. Life is busy, so don't feel too overwhelmed to complete your daily scripture study...try Read the Scriptures!

Through Read the Scriptures, scripture reading will become a natural part of your daily routine, your faith will be strengthened, and you and your family will be protected with spiritual guidance to keep you on the right path!

We look forward to providing you with continued daily spiritual strength, and for you to receive the blessings of daily scripture study.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at and our customer service team will be happy to help.

Bringing people to the knowledge of Christ through the scriptures!

Your Read the Scriptures team