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"You are awesome! I have used this for years just love it. It really helps me with reading my scriptures. Thanks so much!"

"I just finished reading all of the standard works accompanied by a scripture journal for all of it! This was made possible in part because of this website. I LOVE IT!"

"A spiritual feast each day going on three years! A wonderful way to begin the day, you can do audio or read the text. Journaling is so easy too. Reading the Ensign, an article a day, also keeps me current. Sign on and be a part of this exciting venture."

"I have found that every goal I set requires a system of accountability, or what is important to me falls by the wayside as the urgency in day to day life sweeps over me. This system has helped me to consistantly and constantly read the scriptures."

"What a wonderful way to start each day. I have made it a rule no reading my Emails till I have Read my chapter & nourished my soul."

"I don't think I would have been able to read the complete standard works in 2010 without RtS. What a valuable resource for those of us who need daily reminders."

"I have made it my goal to read The Book of Mormon in 60 days! This is a BIG help to accomplish this goal!"

"I love this new site I have found. Since my new calling as Primary President this is going to help me so much with the theme for 2011, which is "I know the Scirptures are True". I will be able to read my scriptures without even getting off my computer..."

"Thanks so much for this site!!! It helped me so much in pursuing my goal of finishing the Book of Mormon once again before my mission! Thanks a lot!"

"I just wanted to say thank you for your site! It's amazing! My family and I are new to the Mormon religion and we are slow learning but with your site it's helping us stay on track. And, giving us the option to listen to it is fantastic and it breaks up having to read so much. Thank you again!"
Jamie Lynn

"Great site. My goal to read all four of the Standard Works this year.... and ReadTheScriptures is making it possible. Finished the OT, NT and more than half the BofM. Still on course for the D&C and PofGP before 12/31/2010! Woot!"

"I started using this site back in 2007, I love being able to go back and see what I have completed and also read from the journal I wrote along the way!!"

"Awesome program! Going through reading the entire Standard Works in a year. Just great and so glad I found their website! God bless!"

"I love the AUDIO!! I can listen while I am cleaning my kitchen or cutting out preschool work. I also love the ability to write in a journal while I am on my scripture journey. Thank you for thinking of everything!"

"I have been with RtS since you started and love it!! I've been able to read the standard works 3 times and it has enriched my life so much... I LOVE the Scriptures...I've also passed it on to others:) Thanks so Much!!!"

"I never miss a day of scripture study now. Thanks!"

"Love this website!! I also really like the journal part of it! Thank you!"

"Thank you for creating this site! It really helps the computer addicted (like me) keep up with their scripture reading!"

"A great way to be prompted to read the scriptures! Thank you!"

"I was just introduced to this site about a month ago, & I am really loving it! It has been a great motivation & tool to keep me on track. I hadn't read the BoM since high school (although I must have read 1 Nephi a dozen times!) But now I find myself actually looking forward to my scripture reading each day. And with the additional bonus of the audio, I am learning & retaining more than ever before. Thank you for your hard work & efforts in making this site available to the Church. You have performed a great service & I am extremely grateful."

"I have read the Book of Mormon almost four times in the last four years. It makes it so easy for me."

"RtS is a Wonderful site! I've been part of their membership for a long time, maybe even the full 5 years they've been around. It's certainly a worthy site to join for anyone that hasn't!!! You'll be glad that you did!!!"

"I have used this almost since it started 5 years ago! Love it! Thanks!"

"After all these years, I finally started reading D&C I'm almost finished. I love the quotes after each reading. I read along with audio on. I've have comprehened more by listening and reading at the same time."

"I'm very happy to say I've just completed reading the New Testament this afternoon. It all started with a group of my friends who wanted to learn about the Saviour's life during his ministry on the earth. Your site - has helped keep me on track. Thank You."

"This is bomb!!! I love it keeps me on track and helps me do what I've never done till then"

"I love the opportunity that has given me. Because of this website I've been able to read D&C and the Old Testament all the way thru, it's a great help and a wonderful feeling to complete the Books. There are many wonderful and spiritual lines that I wouldn't have known of and felt by continuing to try to do it by myself. The quotes are priceless too. Thank You So Much!"

"I love this site, I have used this for at least 2-3 years now!! I love it!!!"

"I am so thankful for Read The Scriptures. It is the only way I stay I track and up to date with reading. It is so nice to have them sent to me each day so I DON'T fall behind."

"I want to say AWESOME website. I just joined. I cannot count how many times since my mission I wish I had companionship study to help me get it done. This is awesome. Thank you. You Rock."

"Love what you're doing. It really seems to add value and I think it offers just what scripture reading needs to give it the context and tools that we need to get past some human frailty."

"I love your service and without it I would not be on schedule and read as much. This website is way better than marking a card of my reading. Thanks so much for taking the time to make it!"
Brother Olson

"I want to let you know how very much I appreciate this site. It has given me what I need to read scripture more regularly. Thank you so much. May you continue to be blessed in your righteous endeavors. Thank you."
Sister Daniel

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I am a struggling member of the church, who has been so lost in the dark, I thought that I could never come back. I am starting on the repentance process, and I knew that scripture study would be so hard to do. One Sunday, I was trying to figure out a way to read the scriptures in a way where it would be easy for me, and I found you. HE LET ME FIND YOU. How happy and blessed I am to read the scriptures purely and honestly for the first time. Thank you so much for doing this. It's still hard for me to read, because I don't really understand it, but I keep going and I have noticed that Heavenly Father is sitting right next to me, thank you."

"I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you both for developing the website. I was introduced to by a friend and have just started using it. I know this will help me make sure I read the scriptures every day and strengthen my testimony of the gospel."

"I am LOVING this format on the computer to read the Book of Mormon. I keep telling everyone about it. It's AWESOME!!"

"Hi there! That's a awesome idea to help everybody in their scripture studies! Thank you very much!"

"Thank you so much for this wonderful tool. I am loving it! I have always had a lot of trouble being consistent in reading the scriptures. And the combination of the reading coming to my inbox and the Audio option is really helping me have a desire to read. In the past it has often felt like a chore, but it is becoming a desire and soon I hope a feast! I hope the site will continue to function and that the Lord will bless you in all you do. Thank you!"

"Thanks for this great website, it has helped my family read the scriptures more regularly."

"By the way, this is the best site! We love this as a family and use it to track our reading so we can earn our Ice Cream award at the end of each month!"

"I love this site. Thank you for your time and this amazing site!"

"Our Stake President just challenged us to read the Old Testament along with the Sunday School course of study this year. I am excited that will aid and assist me to accomplish this goal. Thanks for such a great resource."

"Hi! Thanks for this program! I think it will help me remember to read the scriptures more."

" 'THANK YOU' for all of your noted efforts!!! This Web-Site is indeed the 'GREATEST!!!' "

"Hi, I have only been a member two days & I have really enjoyed your service helping me make the time to read my scriptures. Thanks for all the good work you do."

"I LOVE this site and have set it up as teams for my ward. I just was called to be the Sunday School president. Thank you so much for all your work on this website it is marvelous and just perfect for my lifestyle and pushing me to read and keeping me on track!"

"Hi you guys, Thank you for the great work you do on this site! It is a wonderful resource."

"Thank you for this service! It is WONDERFUL!"

"I love this program and it keeps me on top of my reading. Thanks for creating it."

"This is a great program for daily Scripture reading. It's the best program I have seen. Thank you for your help and for the program."

"Love your site. In just 2 weeks it has revolutionized scripture study for me. Hard to adequately say thanks."

"This is such a great idea. I don't know how long you have had this site but it really is about time someone did this! About 2 years ago I looked for a site like this and couldn't find it. I seemed to find myself always connected to the internet through computer or other mobile devices and have always enjoyed reading the scriptures that way. What a great product!"

"I just found this website and wanted to tell you how great I think it is that you have created it! I have always struggled to read the scriptures and to be on any sort of consistent schedule. I am hopeful that this will help me get into the routine. I'm nearly 50 and have been struggling to read the Book of Mormon. I'm optimistic this will help! Thank you again!!"

"Thank you for this wonderful opportunity we saints and others have reading the Scriptures on the internet. I enjoy it very much."

"THANK YOU-Soooo Much! I was lookin' through my e-mails and saw my message reminding me that I WAS BEHIND in my reading. What an AWESOME instrument/tool for my reading. And the ability to SIZE the letters to my liking is very impressive also. I love this and plan on telling EVERYONE that I can."

"I just stumbled onto your site today. I've joined. Thanks for the start of such a service. I've shared with 6 friends. I've begun with Pearl of Great Price and hope that I am able to keep up with the program. Happy Holidays to you."
Brian S.

"Hi, I wanted to let you know how much I love your site. It has motivated my wife and I to be more consistent in our scripture study. Thanks again."

"May I just say how much I love getting my daily emails? Almost 6 yrs. ago, I was stripped of my chance 2 read scriptures by my double vision & limited movement, due to a stroke at 30 yrs old. I need audio & large type & I was struggling to do my daily reading--I needed an easier way, w/a daily reminder! I swear your website was created 4 me!"
Jenny Lynn

"I really enjoy your service. I recently used it to finish reading the Book of Mormon."

"Thank you so much for making this web site available for us. My wife and I have been faithfully reading and listening to the scriptures every single day for a few years now because of you. Thank you and please keep up the great work in building the Lord's Kingdom."
Ace & Pamela

"I absolutely love this site! It has helped me so much in motivating me to study the scriptures!"

"I just want to thank you so much for this wonderful website! I have used it now for 2 years and it has really helped me to dive into the scriptures. I love that I can listen to it or read it anytime and anywhere. Thank you for your talents and for sharing them with all of us! I recommend this site to everyone. If you have time to read your emails, you have time to read the scriptures. Thank you again!!!!"

"I really like this program because I believe it will keep me reading daily. Thank you so very much for making this available to us."

"I want to thank you for setting up this brilliant idea about email to remind me to keep reading scriptures daily, and have a team to support each other in reading. This is very beneficial for college students who are very busy with school and work like me. :-)"

"Thank you for sending a reminder after not reading for 30 days. I wanted to start up reading again, but didn't remember the website. Thank you for the good follow-up! Great site. My mom who is 88 just finished the Old Testament on your site....37 days before her schedule was to be done! Now I've signed her up for the New Testament."

"I finished the Book of Mormon once this year already and am now on my way through it the second time. I appreciate all you're doing there. I even suggested to people that they check your site out on my blog site today. I have already gotten you onto my list of sites I follow. Love all you do."

"Thank you so much for this site. I happened to see the link browsing somewhere and I think it's the best thing. I am on my 3rd week and loving it. My husband is also enjoying it because now he can read D&C all the way through. I have referred my friends so they can enjoy this site too! Thank you again to the creators of this's a blessing!"

"I wanted to thank you for offering this incredible service. I have been trying to convince my Sunday School class, (16 yr. olds) to read daily, this is the perfect tool to accomplish that. Thank you again."
John E.

"I just wanted to take a second and thank you for this great help. I am a young mother and want to so bad be the kind of example I should be. How can I possibly tell my children to read the scriptures when I have not read the whole Book of Mormon. I have been a member all my life and I have no excuse. I hope this will help me learn more and gain a stronger testimony. I can do this reading through my email everyday and read with my husband and children also. It is my goal and hope that I can do this and be the kind of person I know Heavenly father wants me to be!!"

"Thank you for a wonderful site!!! I was able to read the Old Testament in a year and 3 months. This has always been a daunting task for me and I've finally finished reading ALL the Scriptures at least once. It took this site to keep me focused to do this. Usually I read from my personal scriptures, but having to log it on your site kept me focused on my goal. Thank you."

"Thanks for this extraordinary contribution to the world (especially LDS members in the world) with this product. It's an outstanding, intuitive, attractive interface and of course the concept is top notch! Well done!"

"My friend told me about this fantastic website and I just made an account! I love it sooo much!! It's so convenient because I always forget to read my scriptures because I'm so busy in the week!! Thanks so much for helping my relationship with Heavenly Father get so much closer!!! You really do help people read their scriptures! Thanks again!!"

"I'm glad for all the hard work that goes into making this service available. I have never done very well reading the Gospel Doctrine lessons, but since you all have made it possible to have it sent to me, I have read just about every lesson! And since I am in the Young Men's program, I don't get to listen to the Joseph Smith lessons. But now I can be reminded each week to read the lessons. Thanks so much. This is a priceless treasure to connect me--and many others--to the words of God. Again, thanks for your efforts. I try to tell as many people as I can about"

"Thank you for your service of the scriptures. Really helps to keep us going on a continual daily reading. The quotes are great as well."

"THANK YOU from a primary leader at London, Hyde Park Ward. How TALENTED and INNOVATIVE you both must be! Not to mention INSPIRED!!!!! This is a truly magnificent tool which has blessed my life and the primary teachers I have recommended it to so far. I will continue to recommend this site to friends and family and hope that the influence of daily scripture study will enrich the lives of many. Thanks for putting the scriptures on my lap(top) each day, turning to the right page and encouraging me to read! It's exactly what I needed to get into the habit of daily study! May God bless you for consecrating your talents in this way to build the Kingdom of God!"

"Love your site. Since I am at my computer a lot it is a great time to read my scriptures when I take a break. I really appreciate your site and think it is amazing."

"I converted to the Church 9 years ago while in Oklahoma, and have been through relatively long periods of inactivity. I include that, primarily because I want to emphasize to you how valuable finding your site has been to me. I love our dear Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley. I hear his voice teaching me how to live as a Daughter of God. And I heed his counsels to the best of my ability. I am moved by both the Quality and Content of your site, also that you have a commitment to continue to keep it available. I will be able to use as an ongoing tool for my personal growth and in my Church callings. Perhaps I'll forward a link to my Visiting Teachers to consider a study Team! I will be 49 years old on Friday, and am so grateful to be a Member of the Church; I cannot tell you truly how much I have felt the spirit through the sharing with me this valuable tool at this time in my life. Thank you for the newsletter this morning, and thank you for your wonderful Scripture site! Blessings to you and all of your loved ones."
Sister Walker

"I just wanted to personally thank you for having this site up and running. I have been looking for away to do this for a while now and this is perfect."

"I LOVE your site. I just found it this morning."

"I just wanted to say "Thank you" for this website! I just found it today and I think it is such a great tool in helping people who "can't always find the time" to sit down and "read a book" (me). I'm online a lot and I'm excited to be able to get my scripture study in now everyday! Thank you for doing this for all of us! I just sent an email to my whole family about this website, I'm so excited about it!"

"I really appreciate this service. GREAT IDEA, EXCELLENT EXECUTION. Thank you very much."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This is exactly what I needed!"

"Thank you so much for your service. It really helps me stay committed to my scripture study and has helped me make profound good changes in my life."

"My one suggestion is that you continue, just as you've been doing. I bless the day that I read about Read the Scriptures in a magazine and decided to try your service. For the first time in my life, after teaching early morning seminary for 14 years and many church classes throughout the past 50-some years since I was baptized at the age of 20, I've been able to really read the scriptures daily, for myself, without having to do it for my calling. For the last year and a half I have felt the joy of reading a chapter a day, or more, because I choose to follow the admonition of our leaders. Thank you!"

"We can't thank you enough for this wonderful experience! Today we finished the Book of Mormon (97 days) and although we had both read it before on our own we found this to be very rewarding and we learned sooooooooooooo much! In today's world you can see the "writing on the wall" and we so much appreciated the spirit that was with us in our home as we followed along with every reading. Again, please pass along our thanks and appreciation. May the Lord continue to bless you in your efforts to help us!"
Leonard & Georgia

"Bless all of you for your many hours of thankless work, which is blessing me each and every day. Keep on plugging-- I'm proud of you!!!"

"I love this web site and it has increased my daily scripture reading. Thank you!"

"I love your service! You have helped me to read daily for close to a year now! Thank you for all you do!"

"I just want to thank all who run this site, and those who thought to create it in the first place! One of my brothers found you, then started bringing in the rest of the family. Some of us live in different states, and we have our TEAM, which is very cool. It's kind of a way to keep in touch with each other, as we study our scriptures. From his initial hesitance, then eager reading of the scriptures, one of my little brothers was able to take his wife and twin boys, who are three, to be sealed in the temple on December 29, 2007. One of my other brothers was married in the Salt Lake Temple on January 5th. I know that reading our scriptures consistently and often has made an enormous change in my family. As we are all adults, we are all seeing the benefit in our own lives having the scriptures be our guide. All of the other readings you are making available are quickly being gobbled up by us! My 16 year old daughter, struggling from the fall-out of my divorce, has even decided to sign up to receive her seminary readings, now that you offer it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! If you hear from no one else, please know that you have blessed my family enormously, and we're all still going strong! I don't know why an email of scriptures is easier than to pick up a book, but it seems to be!"
Gratefully, Laurie

"Hi to both of you - just found out about your site at a Relief Society meeting tonight - I am excited to use it - I think it is going to be great. Thanks for sharing your talents with us."

"Thanks so much for your awesome service. I have been talking it up for years and recently taken to writing about y'all on my blog. Thanks again for this great service! :) Now I will just have to encourage people to donate even more! Cheers!"
Jeff - Durham North Carolina Stake

"This website has been an amazing help in my every day scripture study. I have referred it to many friends who I know are in need of the same assistance as I do. They are equally grateful for the opportunity to have this service. Keep up the good work and thank you for touching our lives!"

"I wanted to write and tell you how much I like the new features. I have told my family and friends about the website. I always forget to set aside time to read my scriptures but with your website I am able to go on and listen to a chapter (or more) whenever I have a chance. I can even read at work during breaks - without carrying my scriptures with me! Thanks so much! "
Kristin - Draper, UT

"What a wonderful site! Congratulations to you for the innovative idea. Keep up the good work!"

"Just wanted to say thanks for the great site! I haven't been this on top of my reading in years. It helps so much to have an assignment I can check off every day. My siblings and I formed a team, and we have talked more about our views of the scriptures in the last week than I think we have in the last 10 years. Thanks again!"

"I want you to know that this is an answer to my prayers. I have vision issues and cannot use the B of M reading charts that I had found. This is perfect for me. I like getting the daily reminder, the scale of how much I have read and the bonus of getting a beautiful thought from a General Authority as a reward when I click the complete button, I have shared this site with several friends, Thanks so much for your hard work on this site."

"Thank you so much for adding the Seminary Reading Schedules to your features! With all of the homework and books that is given to the youth these days, it's nice to have a schedule working with us. Thanks again, it is really appreciated!"
Kaley - Omaha Nebraska Stake

"I just have to tell you how much I love this website. I can't tell you how many times I've started a reading schedule and not made it all the way to the end. I made a new year's resolution to read the scriptures daily and then some girls in my ward set a challenge to read the Book of Mormon in 30 days. They found this site and now we're a team, reading together. This website has made setting a schedule and reading so much easier for me. And I find myself delving deeper into them than I ever have. And I have an added sense of accomplishment for doing what I set out to do because I can see the progress right there in front of me and know exactly what I need to do to make progress. It's eliminated discouragement and it feels empowering to have this. It seems like the smallest thing and yet has had such major benefits. And of course, the journal and notes feature just enhance the whole experience. I don't use the audio feature because I really enjoy reading. But, one day while I was reading my little ones were arguing with each other. I only had a chapter more to read and really wanted to finish it. So, i turned on the audio and they listened to the whole chapter with me. Not only, was I able to finish but, I know it helped make a nice spirit come into our house. Anyway, I couldn't go without telling you how much I appreciate all your work. This has been the most helpful thing for me and I have never felt so "addicted" to the scriptures as I do now. What a great work you are doing. Have a wonderful New Year!"

"Just wanted to let you know that I am in LOVE with this website! I emailed the invite to everyone in my address book (something I have never done). My goal was to read the Book of Mormon this year, but I was very discouraged because I always seem to fall short of my goals around March. I was looking online to find a reading schedule and stumbled across your site. This has made my scripture reading easy and convenient. It is so appreciated...Thank You!"

"Just want you to know how much I appreciate this service. Despite being VERY behind, I still need to be reminded of that fact because I need the discipline. I have recommended your site to others who now enjoy this service. I lead such a manic life, doing two jobs, calling, running home etc (like many sisters) that reading the scriptures using this site is far better than not reading the scriptures at I miss the book in my hand? Yes, of course, but that is not enough to discipline me!!! I can't thank you enough. I would encourage everyone to use this first class site for which I am very grateful!"

"I have just completed reading the BOM with your website. It has been a blessing for me to read daily with ease. I thank God daily for your web site. I have painful arthritis in my hands and wrists. Painless to scroll as I read online, rather than holding heavy quad scriptures....Thank you so much."

"Thank you for this site. I am on my fourth time through the Book of Mormon. I read the New Testament cover to cover for the first time in my life. I have also read the D&C, PofGP cover to cover with the help of this site. I always use the audio feature and read along with the narrator. I am now reading the OT for the first time right through. I am very grateful for the help that comes to my email each morning. It is the best thing that has happened to me this years. I started reading on Jan. 23 and haven't stopped. Thanks!"

"Thank you so much for this site. By reading on line I don't have to remember if I have read today or not. I can just check my email and know right where I stand with my reading. I usually read in the mornings and that frees me up to read the other standard works and church books in the evenings without feeling guilty that I should be reading the BOM."

"Thank you for this site. It is very helpful with reminding and encouraging me to read daily. I really appreciate the service!"

"I love this! It has been an amazing tool for my friends and family. We are all reading the Book of Mormon together and it is so inspiring to watch everyone progress. I am thankful for this website!"

"I just wanted to thank you so much for this wonderful site, I can't believe the difference of reading with the audio and how much more interesting the whole reading is. At times when I read before my mind would wander now that doesn't happen at all. Getting an e-mail every day makes me more accountable and excite to read the assignment for that day."

"I am 73 and find this a good way to follow scripture reading...arthritis makes holding the Bible etc., difficult...especially the Book of Mormon combination! Thanks."
Enid - England

"I love this website!"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is the best concept for helping me keep up with my reading that I have seen in a long time! I gain so much more from reading and listening to audio at the same time. I appreciate the great effort that has been made to make this available. I will surely pass it along!"
Suzanne - Stillwater, Oklahoma

"I am enjoying this opportunity to read my scriptures online more than I can say. I especially like the feature of being able to journal thoughts as I read. It has been my most successful attempt at journaling in a very long time. I really, really am enjoying it. Thanks"

"Thank you for providing such an awesome system to get scripture reading schedules going for people who want one, as well as the option to write a journal entry or notes. It is great!"

"Thanks for your wonderful site. It's something I have been looking for."

"Thank you! I love this site and I hope it helps me to feast. Thanks for your help!"

"WOW!!! This is great. While accompanying my husband hometeaching last night a friend told us about your website, so I checked it out. This, I can tell, will motivate me to continually read the scriptures. I just started today, so I can't wait to receive my first email with my second reading assignment tomorrow. Thank you for your sharing of this technology. Isn't the Internet and email wonderful, if used properly, of course. Again - thanks."

"I feel blessed that I received this website today. I started a new job and I am unable to attend church. I do not like it but there is nothing I can do. I try to listen to a conference speech every Sunday. I feel that this is an answer to my prayers. Thank you."
Pamela - Family History Consultant, Rock Island Ward, East Moline, Illinois

"What a exciting program!! This type of thing is so needed in our society today and I am so thankful for the wonders of electronics when it comes to this type of idea. I will be telling my friends, members and non-members alike."

"Awesome story, Thank you so much for putting this together! My wife and I are so busy but this keeps us on the same pace so we can talk about what we've read! Thanks for the many hours and work you've put into this. It's very easy to setup and the service is very user friendly. Keep up the good work!"

"Thanks for this website, It has helped me to accomplish my goal of reading my scriptures, writing my journal and keep conected with people with the same goals. Thanks again."

"I cannot begin to thank you enough for this wonderful site! I had a horrible track record for scripture reading. This site has motivated me to read everyday! I am even a few days ahead of schedule and am feeling the desire, the hunger to be fed the scriptures on a daily basis. When nothing else seemed to work, came through like a lifesaver. Thank you for your foresight in creating this site!"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, for an outstanding system that helps me stay on top of my scripture reading. I feel that you are using the internet for the very purposes in which the Lord intended."

"May the Lord's greatest blessings be yours for implimenting this program. It has changed the scripture reading of our entire family iin the personal time dept. You are very special to us. Thanks again!!"

"This Read The Scriptures program is a Godsend and inspired. It has made all the difference in my life. You don't know me, you likely never will, but you are influencing me every day. I was a student of the scriptures for decades, but now with this method, and my endless note-taking in the format you provided with icons at the verse, it has opened my mind in an entirely new way. How can I ever thank you? And I've sent this opportunity on to others, and as well, the women in our ward are using it in increasing numbers. My grown children are using it. Thank you both!"

"This program is the best program I have seen to help me read the scriptures. It is so convenient. When I can't sleep or have free time, it is so easy to just log in to my scriptures. Sometimes I listen to the audio and sometimes I just read the words. Either way, it is so great! Thank you so much for putting this together. I had a goal to finish the Book of Mormon before conference, with this program I achieved that goal, now I have a goal of reading all of the standard works by the end of the year. I am well on my way. Thank you again for providing this service."

"I LOVE this website! After I found it, I shared it with everybody I know, and a few have already told me how much they love it. What an inspired service this is! It's seriously the answer to my guilty conscience ;) As a mother of 3 pre-schoolers, I have VERY limited time to myself, but somehow I always check my email (go figure). Thank-you, again, for this wonderful service. I feel like I'm FINALLY following the prophet ... without even having to think about it or feel guilty because I just DO it! ... Oh, and that includes the Journal option!"

"I found your website yesterday on LDS living and signed up immediately. This will help me with my goal tremendously and I'm sure that more people will read it instead of it just collecting dust in their library. May the Lord bless you both for "opening your mouth" and sharing this program with the world."

"I cannot thank you enough for this site and program. It is the greatest scripture reading helper I could imagine. The most positive statement that I can make is that IT WORKS! for me! Bless you!"

"I just found out about your website and I love it! I am always looking for a novel way to help me with my daily scripture reading. I just started the Book of Mormon again. THANK YOU! I just emailed my children to tell them about it, too. I am going to spread the word in my Relief Society also."

"I am so grateful that I happened to spot mention of your website in a magazine about a month ago. It seems almost too good to be true---to have a personal service like this with no charge. I've been receiving my readings for almost a month now and so far haven't missed a day's reading. My scriptures are always nearby for reference when there's a question about a word or phrase, but reading the clear, well-spaced type from your site makes it much easier for these "old" eyes. I've shared with friends and family my experience, and I know that at least a few of them are enjoying your service. Thank you!"

"Thank you for this great service. It has been a great blessing to me to keep me motivated in reading the scriptures!"

"I just signed up today (2/24/2007) and have completed the first of my scheduled reading (I actually read and listened simultaneously). I'll stand at the head of the line to testify that all the wonderful technology we've been given is for this purpose: to receive communication from our Father in Heaven through you blessed people inspired to develop and introduce things like this. I believe sincerely that all we've been given is for a Celestial purpose, even though most of the new "inventions," if not all in some cases, have been polluted and misdirected to the side of evil. This program is a tremendous weapon against being smothered by the world's interpretation of how the new technology is to be used. Thank you for being "in tune" with the Spirit's promptings."
Leonard - Eugene, Oregon

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm so glad that you have developed this webpage! It is exactly what i need! With small children around the house I was always loing my spot where i stopped reading. now when i check my email i can start off the day with my scripture reading, and know that i'm actually progressing, and not reading the same 4 chapters over and over. It also helps me to discuss the scriptures with my family members in different states. Any how, Thank you so much, this is an invaluble resource!!"

"Just wanted to thank you so much for this service! It is motivating to be able to have it before me each morning as I begin my day. I usually read from the scriptures themselves and just track on the computer but if there's a harried day, they are still available to me. It's been great!!"

"THANK YOU, for this wonderful service. I am on the computer every morning before I got to work, So now I can make use of this time much more valuable. Thank you most of all for sharing your time and talents with so many and making such a difference in so many lives, the greatest thing you could have shared."

"I am enjoying your service and have recommended it to others. Thank you!"

"I have invited my daughters to join me in reading the Book of Mormon in 90 days; I have invited my Relief Society sisters to join me in reading our Gospel Doctrine assignments; and I have invited a nonmember friend to join me in reading what ever scripture(s) she would like to read. What a great way to not only enjoy the scriptures but enjoy them with someone we love that might not be in the same room with us. Thank you so much for this missionary opportunity while growing spiritually too."

"Thanks to LDS Living Magazine, I found out about your site. I wanted to express my appreciation for providing such a site for people like me who get so busy sometimes they forget to sharpen the saw. This is wonderful and I plan on telling as many as I can about it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"I just want to let you both know that I really appreciate the time and effort you have put into the ReadTheScriptures web e-mail system. I recently returned from a mission and found that studying the scriptures on a daily basis was no longer an easy task, especially with a demanding school and work schedule. I remember praying to God that he would provide a way for me to be able to keep His commandment to read the scriptures. The idea clearly came to my mind to search the Internet for help. I found your website and immediately signed up for a chapter a day. Thank you for being an answer to my prayer. I think that God must be well-pleased with the work you have put into"

"Thank you for "read the scriptures" so far. I am 10 years old and home schooled and read my scriptures with your program. Thanks"
Eli - Perry Ward, Perry, GA

"This is so neat! Thank you so much! I love the schedules that can be made, and I'm amazed at all this site provides. Being able to write notes and listen to the scriptures on audio is great!"

"I am very impressed with your program, and am thankful for such an intricate and useful program that really helps us with the key elements of having a worthwhile church experience, not to mention our personal lives. I love that I can keep up with the weekly Gospel Doctrine lesson, I love that I am so gently reminded about my commitments. And I am keeping my journal regularly! As Relief Society President, I was able to promote this in Relief Society and there are several sisters that have told me how wonderful they think the program is! I have also sent it to family members and they have also started using it. It is a testimony of how good your program is that so many started using it immediately and were so happy with it. Thank you again for this service."

"Thank you so much for this service!!! What a wonderful service you offer us who sit in front of a computer with time on our hands, but get the blessing of reading the scriptures during this "down" time. I do this while at work - so there will be days that I do not read as I am not at work. Then I get the pleasure of catching up when I come back. May our loving Father in Heaven bless you for this service."

"I want to express my deep appreciation to you for this site. For some reason, reading the scripture on screen is different than reading in a book....different things jump out at you, and inspiration seems very close at hand. I think you were led by the Lord to create this site--and I pray His greatest blessings on you for your service to the world. Thank you."

"Thanx, guys for putting this together. I can hardly wait to start using this great service. I will share with others. What a great way to 'flood the earth' with the good news of Jesus Christ. Keep up your good work."

"Hello, Thanks for the website. I have just completed reading the Old Testament with the help of your friendly reminders. I have recommended this site to others at church and to my family as I think it is a wonderful tool. You were just brilliant to think of doing something like this."

"WOW!! What a fabulous service you are providing!!"

"Hey, I love your site. I was looking for something to help me with my scripture reading and had a bit of an idea of what type of set-up I needed. Then I found you and you were exactly what I was looking for! I assume you have no objections to a mention in our ward newsletter. It is such a great idea I want to tell my ward about you guys!"

"Thank you so much for this fantastic website! I will be making regular use of it to help me with my journal writing and scripture study. Thanks again."
Lesley - over in sunny Scotland

"I love your service! It's a great way to read the scriptures for those who are busy."

"Hi! I'm the RS president in our ward and we've just found your site. We're testing a team with our presidency and I'm so excited about it. This is totally awesome! We are talking about kicking off a big team of RS ladies starting the first of September....a takeoff on back to school for the sisters, it's "back-to-scriptures". Thanks so much for your website. It will be terrific to be able to post comments on the scriptures we're reading and get responses."
Jan - Grapevine Ward, Grapevine, Texas

"I just wanted to say what an incredible service this is and how much I appreciate it. It is an answer to mine, and I'm sure, many other people's prayers who struggle with reading our scriptures. I have this sappy, teary feeling--you know the kind you get? But I really do think that you ARE an answer to my prayers, so thank you. Very, very much."

"I love this site, what an amazing tool you have delevoped to help us keep track of scripture reading. The feelings of peace and comfort that come from reading the scriptures are amazing, and I love the feeling I have when I read every day. Unfortunetely, I don't always remember. But since I'm on the computer so much this is almost a sure fire way for me to remember to read. Thanks so much!"

"Just wanted to say thank you for this awesome site. I have been so slack with my scripture reading. I know I needed some kind of structured schedule that will keep me going, and now I've found it. I love the features on this site. Thank you, for taking the time in creating this site and making it easier for people like me to simply read the scriptures."

"Brothers and Sisters, I wanted to personally thank you for innovating this great way to deliver the scriptures. Admittedly, my scripture study habits are poor. Yet, with all the time I spend in front of a computer every day, I've found time to read and enjoy the scriptures. You can be sure that I will tell everyone I know about this wonderful site. Thank you."

"I would like to thank you for this wonderful site. It has been a tremendous help for me and others here in Iraq. The stress of military operations seem to overshadow the opportunities for our study of the scriptures. Your site has made it much easier to continue this all important commandment."
John - Mosul Airfield, Iraq

"I just had to let you know how invaluable this site has been to me. I have been reading my scriptures on line for about a month now and it is really working well for me! :) I am even reading all 4 standard works at once which is great fun. Before I found your program I was terribly hit and miss with my scripture reading. I don't know who was the mastermind behind this site but I think you're a genius. I am so grateful to you and wish you all the best. Thanks a lot."
Brenda - Sheffield, England

"Thanks so much for creating this wonderful program! Every time I settle down to read the scriptures, my young children get jealous and start climbing all over me. With Read the Scriptures, I can hold them on my lap while we listen together to the scriptures. Also, my 10 year old son gets up early every morning before school to check his email for Read the Scriptures. I specifically set up his email account for the purpose of reading the scriptures. Thanks again!"

"I have only joined this site recently, having discoverd it by accident, but I am so grateful that I did. Reading the scriptures daily has always been an area in which I have struggled greatly. But thanks to this service I am now able to have scriptures to read as 'homework', which is a really great personal motivator. Now I should be able to immerse myself into my scriptures as the Lord has asked of us and further my progress towards the temple. Thankyou!!!"
Kathy - Hyde Ward, Manchester England Stake

"This web site is really a blessing. I can read my scriptures and then document my feelings and thoughts through the journal that is provided each morning before I get involved in other superfluous things. It's much like taking a class, where you know you must report your progress and so you work more diligently at learning. It's fabulous! I think this is such a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to get themselves on a regular reading schedule. Thank you for this great tool."

"Thank you so much for this site. It is helping me with my reading so much. I just love it."

"During a time in our family where there are many trials, I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have this as a daily encouragement for me to "keep my shoulder to the wheel" and move onward. I know that I, my family and my personal relationship with my Father, and Jesus Christ can only be strengthened as I determine to be obedient to Priesthood Authority, especially that of our beloved Prophet. Thank you for giving this to me."

"Thank you so much for having this service available. I started reading The Book of Mormon some time after we were asked to by the Prophet. I think that I would have not been able to complete the book without your service. Thanks again."

"Wow! Whatta nice site! I now consider my Old Testament reading FINISHED! Thanks Brethren very nice service! God bless You!"
Jocel - Bayan 1st Ward, Dasmariñas Philippines Stake

"I have a really bad habit of waiting to the last second to get stuff done. I have been putting of Gordon B Hinckley's challenge. I was starting to wonder if I would even get it done. Then one day I came across this website. In a few of my prayers I remember asking for help to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year. This website is really an answer to my prayers. Thanks for putting so much time into this website."

"I just want to say THANK YOU!!! This is an amazing site, I LOVE it... Will recommend it to everyone! God Bless"

"Thanks for the "Read the scriptures" program. I have never made it completely through the Old Testament, however with your help I plan on getting through the entire book this time. Thanks so much."

"This is one of the most clear and effective websites I have come across. I mean the website makes sense and it functions and is nice and quick too. Thanks for a great service and I am happy to recommend it."
Jane - Brisbane Australia

"You folks are doing a fantastic job! I love your service."
Brad - Bishop, Kirkland 1st Ward, Washington State

"Thank you, Arigato, Merci Beaucoup, Muchos Gracias, Mahalo, Grazie, Donkashein, Xie Xie.... you've created an invaluable aid (especially for those of us in the whirlwind stage of life) to be obedient to President Hinkley's request to read the Book of Mormon by the first of the year. I was floundering until Mormonchic's newsletter article, featuring your service, came my way. And the audio feature is very helpful when my eyes give out. Thanks again for your excellent work, I appreciate it very much..."

"As a result of using the program for the past few weeks, I am much further along in my reading than I expected. I find it easy to read a little longer when I have an “assignment” and it’s surprisingly motivating to click the little button that notifies the site I did my reading..."
Terrie Lynn

"This website that you built is absolutely great! Everybody should know about it. It is absolutely fantastic. I joined today and set my reading schedule. It's a very valuable tool that makes it much easier to keep up with daily scripture reading. I love it. Thank you very much."

"This is my new secret weapon for scripture study. You can use it to work out a scripture reading schedule for any of the LDS scriptures and it will send you the days readings to you as an email, it also shows you how you are doing. As well as being able to read the days readings in your email it also gives you the option of receiving the days reading in 'Talking Book' format."

"This is actually a pretty good site! I signed up and found out that I was further along than I thought. If I keep reading at my current pace I'll be done by the middle of December!!!"

"This is a great service. You should try it out!"