Consistency: Your Key to Scripture Study Success!

So you've made a commitment to yourself to be better about your scripture study. That's a great place to start! But you probably also realize that every time you make a commitment to do something good for yourself, a million and one roadblocks pop up to stop you. You know, like when you decide to stick to your diet, and someone shows up at the office with donuts. It never fails!

When you commit to making daily scripture study part of your life, you're committing to improving your spirituality and your sensitivity to the guidance of the Spirit. And consistency is the key to making this a habit that you can rely on.

But since many of us are great at intentions, but weak on follow-through, try these tips to make your scripture study a consistent habit.

Consistent Time

Make a plan. You know the old adage, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"? Yeah, you get the point. Be specific about what you intend do to, what your goals are, and how much time you want to commit. We may have common goals, but since our lives are all so different, you need to pick the plan and goal that work for you personally.

Pick a time. For some people, first thing in the morning is easy to do. For others, you know you usually have some quiet time around lunch, so noon is better. And for yet others, end of day is when you like to get your reading in. Whatever works for you, pick a consistent time and stick to it.


Use technology! We all seem to be tied to our smartphones these days, so use that to your advantage. Whatever time of day you pick, set a recurring reminder to pop up at that time of the day. Also, use your Read the Scriptures reading schedule, and we'll send you your reading every day, so you can read it anytime, anywhere.

Set a goal to read your scriptures daily, at the same time, for at least three weeks. You'll be surprised how easily it becomes a habit, and you'll start reaping the benefits that come with daily scripture study.