Frequently Asked Questions

Email Address
Account & Subscription
Where do I login?
Once you have gone through the signup process to create an account, your password will required everytime you login in the top right corner of the home page.
I am unable to login with my password. It tells me the password is invalid.
Please remember that your password is case sensitive, meaning you must use the correct upper or lower case. Make sure your keyboard has "Caps lock" turned off.

Make sure your password field is not automatically filling in after you enter your email address. If so, it could be auto-filling in the incorrect password for this website - using a previously saved password you have for some other application. Please ensure that you actually type in the correct password.

If you have forgotten your password, click on the "Forgot your password?" link and follow the steps to reset your password.

I have already started reading the scriptures on my own. Will I have to start over again?
If you have already started reading the scriptures outside of this service, you have the option to select your own starting point within each book. Your reading schedule will continue on from this point.
Do you send complete chapters or do you stop in the middle of the chapter?
Currently, all of our provided schedules are divided using complete chapters - there is no starting or stopping in the middle of the chapters. However, if you choose to create a custom schedule, the chapters WILL be broken up, because with this option, the daily reading is divided up by equal number of verses per day.
I got the first welcome letter from the website, but after I submitted my reading schedule, it said today's reading had been sent, but I have not received it yet.
Please be patient - it may take a few minutes. However, it is possible that your daily reading emails are being downloaded by your email application into your "Junk" or "Trash" mail folder. Open your “Junk” or "Trash" mail folder to verify this, then you will be able to indicate that your daily reading emails are "Not junk". This will add the daily reading emails to your "Safe" or "Trusted Senders" list to prevent this from happening again.
Why didn’t I receive my reading for today?
- It is necessary to click on the "Complete" button at the bottom of each reading to receive a reading the following day. If you didn't receive today's reading, open your latest reading and click on the "Send More" button to receive a new reading right away. You can also login to your account and select "Re-send Current Reading" to have a reading selection emailed to you. Using that email, you can click "Send More" in order to receive your next reading.

- Please also verify that your daily reading email is not in the "Junk" or "Trash" folder of your email application. (See the response to the above question.)

- Visit your internet provider website (e.g.: to check your email. You could have some messages in a BULK folder that are not downloading to your email application. Turn off this folder in order to start receiving your emails.

- Check that your email box is not full. If it is full, take the necessary measures to create room within your email box.

- Your email account settings may be blocking emails that contain images or links and then your scripture reading emails are being rejected. Please check that the security settings within your email application are set to allow messages containing images or links.

- Contact your email service provider regarding their security settings for your account. Their mail server may be utilising software/anti-spam content filters that check for emails with spam-like characteristics. Emails of this type are not delivered. You may need to consider using an outside email account such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc., to receive your scripture reading emails.

- The scriptures contain words that may be flagged as inappropriate or considered as spam (e.g.: ass, whore, harlot, etc.) and therefore may not be sent through email, depending on your filters and settings. If you have tried all available options and still do not receive your emailed reading, you may need to login to your account and click the 'Read Online' button to complete your reading assignment online. Once you have proceeded beyond the readings that contain such content and marked them as "Complete", your emailed readings will resume.

The site shows that I'm behind in my schedule. How can I catch up?
Clicking on the "Send More" button or link near the bottom of each day's reading will send you the next day’s scheduled reading immediately. You can continue through this process as many times as you wish. This will allow you to advance in your reading and get caught up or even get ahead if you want.
There are no "Complete" or "Send More" buttons at the bottom of my email.
If you are unable to view the buttons at the bottom of the emailed reading, you may be able to add your scripture reading email to your "Safe or Trusted Senders" list, then your email application should allow the buttons to show at the bottom.

It is also possible that your email application is text based only and does not allow images. In this case, click on the hyperlink directly beside or below either of the words "Complete" or "Send More" and this will mark your reading as being complete or send you more reading as requested.

I need to reset my schedule to make sure I finish when I want to. I tried to make a new schedule but the system wouldn’t allow it. Why?
To create a new schedule, you may need to delete an existing schedule for that book, and then you will be able to create your new schedule. You are only allowed a limited number of schedules in your account at one time for each book. Login to your read the scriptures account and click on the delete button beside the reading schedule you wish to delete.
I set up a schedule, but now I would like to create a new one to modify it, except the delete doesn't work.
There is a pop-up window that should appear after you click on the delete button that asks you to confirm whether you wish to delete or not. If you do not see this confirmation window, then you probably have a pop-up stopper installed on your computer. There are two ways around this:

- Hold down the Control (Ctrl) button on your keyboard at the same time as clicking on the Delete button. This will temporarily disable the pop-up stopper feature and allow this confirmation window to appear, or…

- There may be a bar that appeared directly under the tool bar on the top of your browser window that tells you a pop-up window was blocked. Clicking on this bar will allow all pop-up windows from this site to appear.

I accidentally deleted the reading for today. How do I get today's reading now?
If you happen to delete your daily reading email, simply login to your account on the website, and select the button "Re-send Current Reading". Your current daily reading will then be re-sent to you.
I find that every now and then I don't get my daily email to read the scriptures. Why does it work sometimes and sometimes not?
This periodic interruption of email deliveries is usually caused by spam and email filters on the client side blocking certain words or content contained in the text of the scriptures. This can usually be corrected by adding as a safe sender in your email account settings.
I completed some reading from my book over the weekend. How do I adjust my schedule to where I am at now?
If you read from you book over the weekend or while on holidays and need to adjust your schedule position, login to your account and click 'Read Online' beside your schedule to open your online reading. Click the 'Change Schedule Position' dropdown in the top right corner, select the number of days you wish to adjust your schedule, and click 'Go'.
The online reading is too small and I don't like scrolling across the page for each line. Is there a way to fix this?
If you would prefer to have the text of the online reading larger, click the 'Increase Font' button near the top of your reading to increase the font size. As well, if the lines of your reading extend beyond the right side of your screen, this 'Increase Font' button will also shorten the length of the rows to prevent you from scrolling side to side for each line. To change it back, click 'Decrease Font'.
How do I highlight?
When you open your online reading, click the note icon at the beginning of each verse and select one of the available colors. Then click and select any text or verse you wish to highlight (maximum one verse at a time). You may use multiple colors, and your highlighting will be saved and will be viewable every time that scripture is accessed!

If you wish to delete the highlighting from a verse, click the note icon again and click 'Remove Highlighting'.

How do I change my email address?
If you wish to change the email address associated with your Read the Scriptures account, please login into your account (using your current email address) and click 'My Settings' from the "My Account" dropdown list. Click the word 'Change' then enter and submit your new email address.

An email will be sent to the new address you entered, which contains a link for you to click on and confirm the new email address. Clicking the 'confirm' link within the email is required to complete the email address change process.
The audio is not working because the "server is not responding".
The audio that corresponds with our text is currently being drawn from the website. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee the reliability of their server.
When I click on the audio link, why do I lose the text?
The audio link may open up a new browser window or tab containing the audio controller over top of your reading. Simply click on the "Minimize" button in the upper right corner of the audio page to hide this page, or select the reading tab. The audio will continue playing, and you will be able to view the text while you listen.
In my custom schedule, why are the audio and chapter readings not the same?
Each of the audio files begin and end with each chapter. When creating a custom schedule, your daily reading is based on number of verses each day and will not begin and end at each chapter, so the audio may begin ahead of your reading, or continue beyond the end of your custom reading.
When I finish one chapter and then desire to go to the next one, why does my computer freeze?
This problem is most likely occurring due to having multiple audio files open simultaneously. Ensure that you close the first audio window before clicking on the next audio link and opening additional audio files.
Before I become a "serious online journal writer" I want to ask about the security of my journal. I know my account is password protected, but is my journal secure?
The journal system uses these following processes to protect your private information:

1. Your journal is created and stored in a file which uses a random generated combination of numbers and characters for the file name. This way even we don't know which journal file belongs to which user, only the computer does.
2. These journal files are stored offline and are not directly accessible through the website even if it was possible for someone to gain unauthorized access.
3. Your journal data inside of these files is also encrypted so when it is opened it is only machine readable and not directly legible by a person.

We have taken every precaution possible to protect the privacy of your journal.

How do I set up the email reminders for the journal?
In the My Journal section of your account, click on the alarm clock icon at the top of the page and a window will appear that will allow you to turn the reminders on. You then will be able to select between daily or weekly reminders, and then select the specific day(s) of the week if you choose a weekly reminder. Click on Set, then you will start receiving email reminders as you have set them.
I am unable to download the Journal to Word. It asks for authentication information, and I am not sure of what to put into the blanks.
If you receive a window asking for authentication information when downloading your journal to Word, simply select the "Cancel" option on this window, and the downloading process will continue.
I received an invitation to join a team, but when I clicked on the link and tried to log in, it wouldn't let me sign up.
The reason you were not able to join this team may be that the link that you click on in your invitation email may be wrapped onto a second line within the window of your email application.

Copy and paste the entire link into the address bar of your web browser then proceed from there.

I received an invitation to join a team, but when I clicked on the link the team still doesn't show in my list of available teams.
You may not able to join this team if you are logged in to your account when you click on the link in your email. Log out of your account, click on the link in your team invite email, and then log into your Heed The Scriptures account again to be assigned as a team member.