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Welcome 2020!

2019 New Start

Come, Follow Me: Book of Mormon schedule!

Come, Follow Me

We offer the new Come, Follow Me - For Individuals and Families: Book of Mormon 2020 program as a weekly schedule! You will receive the study requirements for each week - including the scriptures and the manual material.

This is the BEST way to keep on track with your weekly gospel studies!

Try our fun Book of Mormon quiz!

Test your knowledge of the Book of Mormon with our fun Book of Mormon quiz!! Only 20 short questions...but some of them might be tricky!! Challenge your friends and family to see how they do!

A FREE Book of Mormon chapter-a-day schedule!

You can choose to have a basic chapter-a-day schedule for the Book of Mormon for FREE! Sign in to your account and select the Book of Mormon chapter-a-day FREE option. You'll automatically receive your first reading to start immediately!!

Visit our Compare Plans page to select which schedule option is best for you!

Scripture reading notifications as a TEXT message!?

Text Notifications

Yes! Your scripture reading notifications are now available as TEXT! Since you always have your phone, just use it also for your daily scripture reading!

Sign in to your Read the Scriptures account and visit My Settings. Add your mobile phone number and choose TEXT as your desired notification option. That's it!! You'll then start receiving a text link for your reading!

Our scripture reading pages and website have been modified to be mobile friendly - this makes your scripture study a regular and convenient mobile task!

Reduced subscription rates!

Subscription Price

For only $4.99/month or $49.99/year, enjoy access to ALL of Read the Scripture's options and features! This includes ALL books of LDS scriptures, with multiple and custom reading schedules available!

More information and details can be found on our Compare page.


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"I love this website! Has helped me with reading all the church scriptures. Thanks so much!"

~ LaDean

"Hi! Thanks for this program! I think it will help me remember to read the scriptures more."

~ Elizabeth

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