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2015 Healthy

A Healthy Start to 2015

We hope the start of 2015 has been positive, healthy, and promising for you!

Along with your physical care and needs, commit to reading the Book of Mormon this year to increase your spiritual strength!

Sign up NOW for the 365 Day Book of Mormon schedule, and Read the Scriptures will deliver the required amount of reading to you each day as you progress!

Also visit our Compare Plans page to select which plan option is best for you! (The 365 Day Book of Mormon schedule is included with the subscription plan option.)

New Testament Schedules

This year the Gospel Doctrine curriculum studies the New Testament.

Magnify your learning and understanding of the New Testament by reading it completely!

Sign up NOW to start a Chapter a Day schedule and you'll finish before October!


What do members say about Read the Scriptures?

"I'm very happy to say I've just completed reading the New Testament this afternoon. It all started with a group of my friends who wanted to learn about the Saviour's life during his ministry on the earth. Your site - has helped keep me on track. Thank You."

~ Julia

"Thank you so much for your service. It really helps me stay committed to my scripture study and has helped me make profound good changes in my life."

~ James

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