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A Journey of Personal Growth

As we embark upon this new year, remember that the changes with the new church initiative are meant to help us unlock God's power in our daily lives. As we prayerfully study the New Testament this year in the Come, Follow Me program, we can come to know Jesus Christ better.

"Whatever changes [the Lord] directs in an organization or a schedule or a curriculum, what He's really hoping to change is you and me. He wants to change our hearts and enhance our future."
-Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

The new church program for 2019 is underway!

Come, Follow Me

The 2019 Come, Follow Me - For Individuals and Families weekly schedule is NOW available to our members via text message or email! Be prepared for your Church classes to share and encourage others to follow Christ.

The Come, Follow Me program can help you understand the scriptures and find the spiritual strength you and your family need.

Start NOW to keep on track with your gospel studies!

Receive your reading notifications as a TEXT message!

Text Notifications

Add your Mobile Phone number to your account settings and select the option to receive TEXT notifications! It's so easy and convenient!

The scripture reading page and many of our website pages are being modified to be mobile friendly. We're helping you with your daily scripture reading goals!

The Book of Mormon chapter-a-day schedule is FREE!

Subscription Price

You now have 2 choices!

(1) Select a basic chapter-a-day schedule for the Book of Mormon for FREE, OR

(2) subscribe for only $4.99/month ($49.99/year) to enjoy access to ALL of Read the Scripture's schedules and features!

Visit our Compare Plans page to select which subscription option is best for you!

A New Family Plan is coming!

Want more members of your family to enjoy the full benefits of Read the Scriptures? Soon we'll have a plan to make it more affordable for adding your family! You'll be able to add up to 7 family members under your current subscription for only one additional low rate!

You will be the family hero!


What do members say about Read the Scriptures?

"Awesome program! Going through reading the entire Standard Works in a year. Just great, and so glad I found their website! God bless!"

~ Curtis

"I love this site, I have used this for at least 2-3 years now!! I love it!!!"

~ Sarah

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Read the Scriptures is the ULTIMATE scripture reading program that combines technology for LDS members throughout the world who want to achieve their scripture reading goals! It's your plan for daily scriptural inspiration!

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