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Jesus Christ


"The world we live in seems designed to test our dedication to discipleship. As we study the New Testament this year, we can be inspired by the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ and of His disciples, who strived to both learn from and become more like their Master."

"As we prayerfully study the New Testament, we can come to know not only more about Jesus but actually come to better know Him (see John 17:3)."

-Eric D. Huntsman, New Testament Witnesses, Liahona, January 2019

Come, Follow Me

Keep up with your Come, Follow Me - For Individuals and Families New Testament reading and studies by creating a weekly Read the Scriptures schedule! It's available via TEXT message or email!

Sunday is the perfect day to study the lesson material - on your own and with your family!

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Come, Follow Me

- Can you name the four sons of Mosiah?

- What does the fruit from Lehi's dream represent?

We've created a fun Book of Mormon quiz to test your knowledge of some Book of Mormon facts.

Discover what you know! Encourage your friends or your spouse to take the quiz too!

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"I really like this program because I believe it will keep me reading daily. Thank you so very much for making this available to us."

~ Deane

"I started using this site back in 2007, I love being able to go back and see what I have completed and also read from the journal I wrote along the way!!"

~ Stacey

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