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We just wanted to say a warm springtime hello and wish you a happy Easter weekend!

"He is risen' was the angelic message of the first Easter. With feelings of worship and gratitude, we declare our witness that Jesus Christ is indeed risen."

Take a few moments this weekend to enjoy the Easter message from the First Presidency!

2022 Easter MessageBy the First Presidency

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We are working hard to revise and update this program and have completed all 4 years of the Come Follow Me reading schedules! It's better late than never? :)


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Think about how much you depend on an ever-present supply of food water, electricity, and heat, an ability to communicate, a place to lay your head, and an ability to travel.

What if due to circumstances beyond your control any one or two of those were lost? What if all of them were lost?

What do people say about Read the Scriptures?

""I have found that every goal I set requires a system of accountability, or what is important to me falls by the wayside as the urgency in day to day life sweeps over me. This system has helped me to consistantly and constantly read the scriptures.""

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~ Doug

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