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The Blessings of Technology in the Gospel

"Behold, I will hasten my work in its time."
–Doctrine and Covenants 88:73

If you’re like me, technology can sometimes feel like a curse more than a blessing. Having so much information and entertainment constantly at my fingertips means I have to make a daily, moment-by-moment decisions to not go down the rabbit hole of distraction. And despite my best efforts, I find myself down that rabbit hole often enough.

But technology, when used correctly, is truly a miraculous blessing that can aid us as we walk down the covenant path. As I have used technology in my gospel living, and as I have studied the words of prophets and apostles, I have discovered four areas of our lives for which technology can be a blessing.

When thinking about how technology can bless us as we strive to live the gospel, temple and family history work are among the first things that come to my mind. Working on family history these days rarely means hunting down microfilm or traveling long distances to old courthouses, libraries, and churches. The digitization of marriage licenses, census records, ship’s manifests, and more means that for most information, the farthest we need to travel is to a laptop with a Wi-Fi connection. Through indexing, we have the opportunity to participate in this... Read More...